Monday, March 17, 2014

Twins Opening Day Roster Preview

Joe Mauer
Here's a look at what the Twins opening day roster will most likely be.

C - Kurt Suzuki
1B -  Joe Mauer
2B - Brian Dozier
3B - Trevor Plouffe
SS - Pedro Florimon
LF - Josh Willingham
CF - Aaron Hicks
RF - Oswaldo Arcia
DH - Jason Kubel

The 5 man rotation will probably look like this:
  1. Ricky Nolasko
  2. Phil Hughes
  3. Kevin Correia
  4. Mike Pelfrey
  5. Scott Diamond / Samuel Deduno?
The Bullpen shapes up similar to last years with Jared Burton, Anthony Swarzak, Brian Dunseng and Casey Fien with either Diamond or Deduno, depending on which one is not the 5th man. And of course Glen Perkins as the closer.

Looks like the biggest question will be where Deduno is put. He has the stuff to be a big league starter, however, he's not the "pitch to contact" type that Anderson and Gardy like. Contrary to the Fox Sports North article below, I think that Deduno will begin 2014 in the bullpen and Scott Diamond will get the shot at the #5. I am excited to see if Joe Mauer's power numbers go up with a full time assignment at first base. I truly believe he should be hitting 25 or more homers with 100 RBI per year to worth the money. Bringing Jason Kubel back should help boost those anemic power numbers for the Twins this year but he's going to need a lot of help from both Mauer, Willingham and Plouffe.

Sam Deduno

Read the FSN article here.


  1. I would like to see parmelee n left and willy dhing for the simple fact that the defense would be better and kubel is like 2-23. I still like kubel but i think he would be better in spot duty and I think Parmelee needs to start to find his full potential. Andy Winter

  2. I agree 100% with Andy.........Get Willingham out of LF........
    Give Parmalee the chance in LF.......Improves the defense
    which the Twins really need.......

  3. Willingham looks horrible at the plate this spring (leaving off from last year?) He is just collecting a check. And if he does wobble to the plate Stop playing 'Sweet Home Alabama'!!! In the outfield he is a disaster waiting to happen. He always (everytime) acts like he can't see a flyball. And hope there is not another player near him when he is chasing a flyball or a hit. Just ask Denard Span how many times he was yelling at Josh to get the crop out of his ears!