Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Was this year's draft a good one for the Twins?

Twins #1 pick Kohl Stewart
Pitching, pitching and more...catchers...?

The 2013 draft saw the Minnesota Twins doing some of the predictable by picking up a bunch of pitching prospects. It also saw some of the unpredictable with them going with some catching prospects as well.

It's obvious that the Twins need pitching as game in and game out, it seems to be their achilles heel as starters struggle to get through 6 innings.

RHP Kohl Stewart should help. He was selected with the #4 overall pick and was one of the top high school kids in the draft posting a 0.18 ERA! He's also been compared to pitchers such as Josh Beckett. Not bad!

Another pitcher by the name of Ryan Eades out of LSU was selected in the second round by the Twins. He's definitely a starter that has good stuff including a nasty curveball that gets batters out. The biggest blemish on Eades is that he underwent shoulder surgery while a senior in high school, but it appears that that is not a factor right now.

As the draft went on, more and more pitchers were selected with third baseman Dustin DeMuth thrown in for good measure. However, with the picks in the 3rd, 6th and 9th rounds, the Twins selected catchers Stuart Turner out of the University of Mississippi; Brian Navarreto, a high school kid from Florida; and Mitch Garver from New Mexico.

Looking at these guys, it's clear that none would be suitable replacements for Joe Mauer, so, why pick so many catchers?

For more info on the draft, please go to aarongleeman.com,

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