Saturday, June 15, 2013

Attitude is Everything

The Minnesota Twins have had a ho-hum, go about your business but don't rock the boat type of attitude ever since they opened Target Field. It's the laid back, country club type of atmosphere where you go to hang out, take a few cuts in the cage and enjoy some baseball. Who cares if you win, right? They have the new field and the big contracts (Mauer, Morneau, Willingham) so what's the difference if they win games or not?

Now, all due respect to Joe, Justin and Josh, as I know they work hard each and every day and deep down they do want to win. However, it's tough for a passionate baseball fan like me to see clips of them in the dugout and there's absolutely no emotion after they bounce out a double play ball. I mean COME ON!!

It seems to me like no one cares.

Gardy sits there and talks with Anderson (the only one he seems to converse with) and it looks like you could hear crickets in the dugout.

Seeing Eddie Guardado get his Twins Hall of Fame bid made me realize that the Twins miss a guy like him. They miss guys like A.J. and Hunter. Guys like Kirby and Hrbie. Guys like Bert. They had chips on their shoulders and weren't there just for the hell of it.

Right now there isn't a single soul on the team with any fire or personality to get everyone going. It's almost like they're robots. I'd hate to be in the clubhouse before and after games. I bet its like being on the golf course. Everyone is probably very courteous to eachother and they just go about their business in a quiet manner. Wouldn't want to bother anyone!

Seriously! If the Twins want to contend again, they need personality in the clubhouse. I miss a guy like Redmond who would walk around the clubhouse naked just to get a rise out of guys.

Wake up Twins!! Show some fire and passion.

Attitude is everything, and you won't win consistently without it.

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