Friday, June 29, 2012

No One Is Untouchable

GM Guy
According to Twitter sources from AM 1500, Twins GM Terry Ryan has stated that no player is untouchable when discussing the trade deadline.

This statement leads me to believe that he is just as frustrated as every other Twins fan with the way they've performed, or not performed, this season and to say it is a way for him to blow off some steam. 

It's a very interesting comment to make, though, when it is widely thought that guys like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau would be Twins for a long time to come.

It's no secret that the likes of Denard Span and Francisco Liriano are on the trading block as their stock has risen over that past few weeks. 

But to say that no one is untouchable throws out the possibility that the current face of the franchise Joe Mauer could be gone by the end of next month.


If that were the case, what would his real trade value be and who would take his huge contract despite the fact that he's been putting up non-superstar like numbers?

Underachiever Guy
These are questions that will be pondered by the media and will have to be answered by GM's around the league, but I would like to think that there are a few teams out there that would consider trading for the '09 AL MVP.

For now, what truly appears to be untouchable this season for the Minnesota Twins, are their chances of competing, much less winning the Central Division title.

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