Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Bye Clete

Clete Thomas 

Today the Minnesota Twins picked up outfielder Erik Komatsu off of waivers and designated Clete Thomas for assignment.  Clete's career with the Twins started off on fire with a homer in his second at-bat but quickly went down in flames batting only 4-28 since.  That's too bad.  I actually thought Clete Thomas was going to be the answer to all of the Twins' problems.  But,'s just another example of how we can't seem to get any good young talent on the ball field.

Komatsu is coming over from the Cardinals and has gone 4-19 with three runs scored this season.  Sweet move right?  But this is going to be just the first of many potential moves to come.

The trade deadline is July 30 and the Twins' landscape could look significantly different by then.  Unfortunately, there aren't many players who would be worthy enough to constitute a "blockbuster" trade.

At the top of the list though would be center fielder Denard Span.  He's off to a great start batting .327 and is consistently solid in center.  Moving Span would make room for Ben Revere to be the full time center fielder with prospects in the minors like Eddie Rosario, Joe Benson and Aaron Hicks waiting in the wings.  But would this move be a good one for the Twins to do?  I could go on and on about all the bad moves they've made in the recent past -- getting rid of Santana, Bartlett, Garza and J.J. Hardy (of course those were all moves made by former GM Bill Smith) -- so I would be skeptical about trading fan favorite Span unless we can get something for him.

Pavano is another one that will probably be dealt.  He's 36 and is rapidly losing velocity on his fastball, however, still displays ability to be in a rotation.  But with the Twins out of contention and Pavano only getting older, he's not one to build our future around.  Don't look for much in return for this one.

Capps is one we could / should get rid of.  Not much upside on this one.  I can think of some pitching machines that would be scarier to face then him.  Sorry Capps, but when your best pitch is a 92 mph four seam fat fast ball up in the zone, there's not much future for you in the major leagues.

We could also see the Liriano project come to a close as the Twins have to be losing patience with him and his mental issues and lack of mechanical aptitude.

Mauer and Morneau are too tied up in long contracts, money and Ace bandages (Mauer has been surprisingly durable this year, though) that they aren't exactly on the market.

All in all, look for the Twins to shake things up this summer before the trade deadline...picking up Erik Komatsu to replace Clete Thomas is only just a preview. 

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