Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamond's A Mother's Best Friend

Scott Diamond took the hill on Mother's Day for his second start this season after throwing 7 shutout innings against the Angels a week ago.  He continued his shutout streak, throwing for 7 more shutout innings, 14 in a row.  Watch out Orel Hershiser and your 59 consecutive scoreless innings!

Diamond helped the Twins to get to that seemingly impossible feat of 10 wins on the season.  They are still the worst team in MLB at 10-24, trailing the Padres who are 12-23.

One bright spot is that Minnesota's winning percentage, .294, remains higher than their team batting average, which is a paltry .238, 23rd overall in the majors.

Seriously though....the good news is that they went 2-2 against the Jays and have won the last 2 out of 3 games.  The Cleveland Indians are coming to town for a two game series and it's worth noting that, while the Indians are the division leaders at 18-16, the Twins are only 8 games back.  With that in mind, I'm going to give you a little fantasy scenario:

The Tigers are going into a two game series with the White Sox and if the Tigers lose one or both of their games and the Twins win their two against Cleveland, Minnesota would be only 6 games behind going into Detroit for a two game series.  If the Twins were to win those two games against Detroit, now I know I'm really getting ahead of myself here, and the Indians lost their two games against Seattle, Minnesota would be 14-24 and only four games behind the Indians and the White Sox who would be tied for first at 18-20.

Whew!  Hey, it could happen.  Even with the Twins having the horrible, dreadful, puke worthy season they are having, any thing's possible in the Central Division.  And it starts tonight with Pavano (2-3, 5.02) vs. Jeanmar (who?) Gomez (2-2, 4.66).

However, I believe it was after Diamond's last start that I threw out some positive thoughts on my blog, only to have them squashed by Carl Pavano and his ineptitude.  It's just too bad Scott Diamond can't pitch every start.

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