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As you will be able to see from past posts, this blog used to be about the Minnesota Twins. I still love to watch and follow the Twins (especially if they are winning) however, I have grown a little tired of blogging about them. Since I am paying for the www.highcheez.com domain name, I thought I should use it. And what better way than through my new found interest in video gaming! My 13 year old son has been into it for a few years now and I decided to take it up as a hobby and have had nothing but fun doing it!

The first thing I knew I had to do was create a gaming station. I knew that my wife would not allow me to sit on the couch and game all night long, so this was a first priority. I decided to take over the unused, or should I say, over cluttered, dining room table. This is not to say that I don't believe in family time at the dining table, however, we just never do it anymore. Therefore, our long table provided the perfect place to setup. Next, I watched a couple YouTube videos about other people's gaming stations and got some tips for setup. This also made me aware that many other people are pretty serious about their gaming.

I had a 19" TV in the storage closet that was my son's but he has since upgraded. Perfect! I had a PS4. Perfect! I have a laptop and an iPad. Perfect! Perfect! I even had a computer sound system in the garage that I hooked up for awesome sound. I did not have any headphones yet, but was seriously looking into it since every serious gamer has them and with the dining room table being right next to the living room, I had to have them.
My beloved gaming station!
In the picture to the left, I wasn't able to show my PS4 which is located to the right on a separate table. The stand that the TV is on is actually a Pampered Chef baking stand that many of you may even have in your house! This raises the level of the TV so I'm not so hunched over - super important for the back at my age (37),

I also plan on upgrading to an actual optical gaming mouse which will look a lot better than the regular Logitech.

Next, I just had to play! I inserted Madden 15 and began with Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) and the fun began.

Right now I am playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - super awesome game - and am on the last mission on the campaign. The last game I actually played start to finish and beat was Super Mario 2 back when I was 13!

I now have a pair of sweet Turtle Beach P12 headphones for my PS4 and a pair of Phillips regular stereo headphones for my laptop. I also bought a stand for my iPad and have a pair of headphone hooks that attach to my monitor in the mail.

I am having a blast and it's been a great hobby for me. Turns out that I'm not half bad at the games either. I get a little help from TheRadBrad with his YouTube game walk-throughs so I can't thank him enough.

I hope to continue gaming and blogging and we will have to see what happens.

Let's go!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Twins Opening Day Roster Preview

Joe Mauer
Here's a look at what the Twins opening day roster will most likely be.

C - Kurt Suzuki
1B -  Joe Mauer
2B - Brian Dozier
3B - Trevor Plouffe
SS - Pedro Florimon
LF - Josh Willingham
CF - Aaron Hicks
RF - Oswaldo Arcia
DH - Jason Kubel

The 5 man rotation will probably look like this:
  1. Ricky Nolasko
  2. Phil Hughes
  3. Kevin Correia
  4. Mike Pelfrey
  5. Scott Diamond / Samuel Deduno?
The Bullpen shapes up similar to last years with Jared Burton, Anthony Swarzak, Brian Dunseng and Casey Fien with either Diamond or Deduno, depending on which one is not the 5th man. And of course Glen Perkins as the closer.

Looks like the biggest question will be where Deduno is put. He has the stuff to be a big league starter, however, he's not the "pitch to contact" type that Anderson and Gardy like. Contrary to the Fox Sports North article below, I think that Deduno will begin 2014 in the bullpen and Scott Diamond will get the shot at the #5. I am excited to see if Joe Mauer's power numbers go up with a full time assignment at first base. I truly believe he should be hitting 25 or more homers with 100 RBI per year to worth the money. Bringing Jason Kubel back should help boost those anemic power numbers for the Twins this year but he's going to need a lot of help from both Mauer, Willingham and Plouffe.

Sam Deduno

Read the FSN article here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Twins nail down Perkins until '17

Glen Perkins
The Twins signed closer Glen Perkins to a multi-year contract extension worth $21.5 million. The deal is good through the 2017 season with an option for 2018. Perkins has been successful since his move to the closer role in 2012 and saved 36 games for the Twins in 2013 with an ERA of 2.30. A Stillwater native, he's another hometown boy on the squad along with Mauer and has been a fan favorite since his move to the bullpen. Last year he was elected to his first All-Star game and if he stays consistent with no injuries, the extension will definitely be money well spent.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Promising pitching?

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes and Samuel Deduno are looking good thus far in spring training. Hopefully this success can translate into the regular season. Deduno has been making his appearances out of the bullpen which is encouraging. It would be exciting to have him take the 8th and Perkins take the 9th. It could help to solidify an otherwise shaky bullpen.

For more on Hughes and Deduno click here: cbssports

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twins prospect Sano's surgery a success

Miguel Sano

Twins top prospect 3B Miguel Sano had is Tommy John surgery today and it was deemed a success and he will start rehab as soon as possible. Check out that story as well as other Twins news for today right here: cbssports/twins

Sunday, March 9, 2014

First round of cuts

The Twins make their first round of cuts, Byron Buxton being one of them, and there are really no surprises here.

Byron Buxton


Saturday, March 8, 2014